From concept to completion, we design annual reports, brochures, ads, posters, flyers, menus, stationery and much more. And we are happy to liaise with the printer to ensure the project is produced accurately and hassle-free.

The samples below span a wide variety of professional and service industries.



Covered a wide range of marketing collateral from ads, catalogue, invitations, signage, eblasts, website and more.

Series of ad campaigns placed in various local and international magazines and newspapers.

print-campaign-tiaf14 ad-aacOct
magazine ad - late campaign

print-campaign-tiaf14 ad-aipad
magazine ad - early campaign

print-campaign-tiaf14 ad-style
newspaper ad - large placement

print-campaign-tiaf14 ad-front
newspaper ad - small placement

print-campaign-tiaf14 advertorial-hdr
newspaper ad - editorial style

Application forms for various vendors, institutions and organizations.

print-campaign-tiaf14 application-form
application packages


print-campaign-tiaf14 plans
booth plans for hundreds of international vendors and galleries

Catalogues and reports.

print-campaign-tiaf14 catalog
full colour catalogues - 8"w x 9"h
2014 edition: 320-pages

Inserts and brochures.

print-campaign-tiaf14 insert
4-page magazine insert - 8"w x 10"h

print-campaign-tiaf14 showguide
8-page showguide - 7.5"w x 10.5"h


print-campaign-tiaf14 signage-bloor-hotdocs
Bloor hotdoc cinema

print-campaign-tiaf14 signage-bus
series of bus signage

print-campaign-tiaf14 signage-col-wrap
in-venue signage - column wrap - 8'w x 14'h

print-campaign-tiaf14 signage-meterboard
in-venue signage - meterboard - 36"w x 72"h

print-campaign-street banners
street banners

print-campaign-tiaf14 signage-sub
sub signage


print-campaign-tiaf14 tix-comp-rbc
Complimentary tickets - Royal Bank of Canada

print-campaign-tiaf14 tix-comp
Complimentary tickets

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